BATIA MAGAL FRATERNITY Hand Signed Limited Edition Serigraph

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This is a hand signed serigraph by Batia Magal titled “Fraternity”


This is a hand signed serigraph by Batia Magal titled “Fraternity”

Hand signed by the artist. Image measures 14.5″ x 12.5″.

This piece is numbered from an edition of 750.

In excellent condition! Comes unframed. Comes with a certificate of authenticity. Retails for $300.


Batia Magal was born in Israel in 1953. From childhood onwards, she displayed a marked talent for drawing and an all – embracing interest in art. It is therefore not surprising that she was accepted as a student at the Avni Art Institute, where she came under the influence of such well-known artists as Streichman and Wexler, just to name a few.
Her work seems to have developed along various lines, all of which converged and fused into a very personal and feminine statement. The basic calligraphic drawing of the female figure or flower-filled vase is the centerpiece which forms the structural base of the work, to which the brilliant washes of lively colors act as a counterpoint, with the deeper and warmer hues evoking the luminosity of medieval stained-glass windows. More recently, yet another intriguing factor has been added by the introduction of fabric textures and prints of a seemingly unconnected nature, forming collages in which the three elements of drawing, color and print or fabric texture, maintain a balance which tends to emphasize the works’ structural composition.


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