Janet Treby SATURDAY NIGHT Hand Signed Limited Edition Giclee


This is a Janet Treby limited edition hand signed giclee titled “SATURDAY NIGHT”.


This is a Janet Treby limited edition hand signed giclee titled “SATURDAY NIGHT”.

Medium: Giclee on Paper. Edition size: 195. Measures 23″ x 18″

Comes with a certificate of authenticity. Comes unframed. In mint condition!

Janet Treby was the youngest of four children, born in London in 1955, and grew up in a small country village in Bedfordshire. It was at the age of around 11 years that Janet realised she wanted to become an artist and had a choice between art or acting and art won. Having made this choice Janet Treby was on a mission upon leaving school and embarked on a two year foundation course at Barnfield College, Luton followed by a degree at West Surrey College of Art and Design specialising in printmaking and sculpture.

After learning many skills there Janet treby went onto the Slade School of Fine Art and completed a two year post graduate in printmaking. Whilst at the Slade School, she started lecturing in printmaking specialising in mezzotint. Upon leaving college Janet Treby lived in a studio apartment in Wapping, East London. She had already built up a successful relationship with a gallery called the Curwen Gallery who held her first one women exhibition in the 80s.

Janet Treby won several awards, The Lloyds Young Printmaker of the Year and the Elizabeth Greenshield award which allowed her to paint for a year. Throughout all of this in the 80’s, Treby was lecturing and doing other various jobs to support herself and her art.

Through going to the Slade School she brushed past the great and the good, Ewan Uglio, Lucien Freud, Sir William Coldstream, Francis Bacon to name but a few. And as time goes she herself, can see how these and many others have influenced her work, without even realising.

Janet Treby’s work is essentially figurative; she trys to create an intimate mood using colour and the figure or figures. There has also always been a strong feeling of narrative in Janet Treby’s work and in some pieces it is more obvious than in others.

Treby likes the images to be left open so that the viewer can put their own interpretation on things. Treby paints a lot of nudes as she feels that the body holds experiences, which even if the figure has its back to you, it tells you its own story at that particular moment in time.



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