Jose Carlos Ramos ON THE HORIZON Hand Signed Limited Edition Serigraph


This is a hand signed serigraph by Jose Carlos Ramos titled ON THE HORIZON.


This is a hand signed serigraph by Jose Carlos Ramos titled ON THE HORIZON”. This is a beautiful piece!

Paper measures 20″ x 40″. Image measures 14.5″ x 36″. Year: 1992. Comes unframed.

Hand signed by the artist. This piece is numbered from an artist proof edition of 50.

Comes with a certificate of authenticity. In mint condition!

Born in Izcuchaca, a small Andean town that dates back to Incan Times, Ramos integrates the tradition of European art with his native heritage. What emerges is a personal style with its roots in the colorful landscapes of the Early Renaissance and the tactile figures of the Baroque, and a distinctive attitude toward the natural world.

Unlike many artists of his abilities and stature, Ramos didn’t develop an interest in art until he was a teenager. But his talents were immediately obvious and even before entering the art school of the Catholic University of Peru; he had held a successful solo exhibition. Since then he has had literally dozens of one-man shows throughout South America. Early in his career, Ramos devoted much of his energy to printmaking. As well as being a technical innovator, he was a strong and assured image-maker. Since the late 1960’s, several of his works have been purchased for the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Not until the mid-1970’s did Ramos grow interested in the folk art traditions of Peru.Living in Lima, he began to work in the style for which he is now renowned. In 1976, he mounted the first show of his own “folk art” at the Lima Art Museum.Since that time he has been invited to exhibit internationally at several Biennales, Cultural Institutions and private Galleries of the United States, Peru, and the United Nations in New York.

His work is deliberately naïve in manner. Ramos paints pictures that are at once bold and delicate. The imagery, which ranges from animals and plants to landscapes and imaginary portraits, is never less than striking and frequently stunning.



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