Robert Wyland NORTHERN WATERS Hand Signed Limited Edition Embossed Serigraph

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Enjoy the visual poetic merging worlds of reknowned Artists Robert Wyland and James Coleman.


Enjoy the visual poetic merging worlds of reknowned Artists Robert Wyland and James Coleman. Journey into a world of lifelike imagery and captivating color with this breathtaking collaboration between artists Coleman and Wyland. “NORTHERN WATERS” is a sold out limited edition embossed lithograph on art paper.

Beautiful art piece on extra thick deluxe paper. Paper measures 25″ x 19″. Image measures: 21″ x 17″.

Hand signed and numbered by famous Marine Life artist Wyland. This piece is numbered from an edition of 950. Published in 1990.

Comes unframed. This piece is in excellent condition. Comes with a gallery certificate of authenticity.

Robert Wyland (b. 1956 in Detroit, Michigan), known simply as Wyland, is one of the world’s premier ocean artists. He is perhaps best known for painting large, outdoor murals of whales and other ocean life. He has been a pioneer in the marine art movement since 1971. This painter, sculptor, and muralist is one of the most prolific and celebrated artists of our time.

To date, in addition to his spectacular paintings of a wide variety of marine life, Wyland has completed more than 84 of his landmark murals, the renowned “Whaling Walls”, throughout the US, as well as Canada, Japan, Australia, Mexico, France and New Zealand.

His twenty-fifth “Whaling Wall” is located in the pool area of Lamphere High School, which he attended in Madison Heights, Michigan. Wyland currently lives on Oahu, in Hawaii.

Over the years, James Coleman’s name has become synonymous with sweeping skies, tropical rainforests, rich deep woods and silent deserts. Coleman began his career with Walt Disney Productions in the summer of 1969 when his mother, who had been working as a secretary for Disney since the Hyperion days, got him a job in the mailroom. Coleman’s big break came when he entered one of his paintings in the studio art show. Several of the Disney artists viewed James Coleman’s artwork in the show, and immediately saw his potential and his untapped ability to paint. They wisely encouraged him to pursue animation background painting. After working on such notable films as “Beauty and the Beast,” Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, Too,” “Fox and the Hound,” “The Great Mouse Detective,” and many more, James Coleman was ready to devote all of his time and talent to the love of his life: fine art painting.




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