ROMERO BRITTO “CRUISE AT SEA” Hand Signed Giclee on Canvas Framed Art


This is a hand signed framed giclee on canvas titled “Cruise at Sea” by Romero Britto.


This is a hand signed framed giclee on canvas titled “Cruise at Sea” by Romero Britto.

Image measures: 14.5″ x 20″. With frame measures 22″ x 27″.

This piece is hand signed in 2010 by Romero Britto. Numbered 141/1000.

This mixed media giclee is hand embellished with glitter. Comes beautifully framed.

In mint condition. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Free shipping in the U.S. Sorry, this piece will not be shipped outside the U.S.


Brazilian artist Romero Britto’s work pulses with exuberance and purity, in neon crayon shades and a patchwork of coloring-book patterns. Britto’s universally appealing style melds Pop Art techniques with the intricacies of Cubism, in works evocative of a child’s enthusiasm and directness. After Britto left law school, he sold his car and early artworks, and moved to Europe, where he sold his paintings on the street. A commission from Absolut Vokda catapulted him to fame in the United States. His works have also been featured by companies such as Disney, Pepsi, Evian and Movado, and have been exhibited in more than 100 galleries worldwide.

The distinctive neo-pop style of Romero Britto has made a significant impression in the world of art. Although often compared to Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Roy Lichtenstein, Romero Britto is a young artist who has emerged onto today’s art scene and is reinterpreting our previous conceptions of pop-art. Romero’s paintings captivate the imagination. His clean, bold and colorful strokes, reminiscent of a child’s unabashed creations, evoke a positive feeling and a refreshing sense of hope. You can feel the artist’s love and devotion with the medium he is working. It is a natural spontaneity and sensibility which enables him to manipulate visual textures and powerful primary colors, laying them peacefully adjacent to one another. Each of his works exude positivity and charsima, not unlike the artist himself. Upon further observation these abstract constructions reveal a representation of an often familiar object. Each work resounds with a fundamental command of space, color, form and texture. Romero’s paintings are brilliantly charged with not only his masterful selections of color and texture, but they deliver a subtle, yet poignant message. More often than not, the artist’s message is one of hope. He addresses many social and political issues with candor and a much appreciated subtlety. Romero’s work commands a level of attention that is difficult to ignore, but first and foremost, his art appeals to the aesthetic in us all and is meant to be enjoyed.


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