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This is a sculpture entitled “La Danaide Reclining Female Nude” (1885) by Auguste Rodin.

Sculpture of the mythological figure Danaide, one of the daughters of King Danaos. She is seen leaning on a rock.

This is a highly collectible, quality, bonded bronze sculpture.

Guaranteed fully authentic and authorized piece!  Absolute Mint Condition, comes new in box! Measures 5.5″ H. x 3.5″ W. x 2.5″ L.

Comes with a full color card with an image of the original artwork and a description card about Rodin and his artwork. Both cards are in four languages.

This sculpture is amazing! When the public visits a museum, they repeatedly visit the same artworks to look at them from a different perspective. This fantastic sculpture offers art lovers the ability to “view” their favorite artwork in their own home, from an entirely different perspective, and in a different dimension: 3D! Have you ever wondered what the artwork looked like from behind the painting? Or from the side? To remind you of your museum experience, each figurine comes with a color card of the original painting, information about the painter and a description of the specific figurine reproduced.

La Danaide (1885)

Greek mythology tells about Danaïde and her forty-nine sisters who married the fifty sons of Aegyptus. Their father, King Danaos, who is in conflict with Aegyptus, orders his daughters to kill their husbands during their wedding night. Their punishment for their horrendous crime was to spend the rest of their lives in the underworld, filling vessels with water which could never be filled. This story gave Rodin the opportunity to visualize the total exhaustion of the female body. The marble stresses the fluent curves and reflects the aestheticism of Art Nouveau.



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