Govinder Nazran Brimstone & Treacle Collectible Art Book


This is a new Govinder Nazran Lithograph Book.


This is a new Govinder Nazran Lithograph Book.

Title: Brimstone and Treacle open edition art book. Govinder 1964-2008

This is a first edition book published in January 2004 by Washington Green England-Gregory Edition and AppleJack Publishing U.S.

ISBN 0-9543226-5-7. Produced by The Hanway Press Ltd. Printed in China

Book measures 9.5”W x 11.75”H. 128 Pages. Weighs almost 3 pounds.

Condition: Brand New, Hardcover with Dust Jacket.

Since beginning his relationship with Washington Green, Govinder Nazran has learned to paint not only onto his canvases but also into them, expressing his innermost thoughts and feelings. His work has become richer – he applies more paint to his images, layering and texturing the surfaces. His use of impasto has also increased and he adds elements such as sequins, staples and stitching to some of his work. Sculpture was a natural avenue for him to explore and he works on his maquettes with the same loving attention to detail that he applies to his paintings. As Govinder has progressed on his journey of artistic exploration so his work has increased in depth. His imagination continues to expand as his confidence in his work increases, and it is clear that he is constantly seeking to push back the boundaries of his art. This is an artist whose work has ‘soul’ and he is not afraid to show it to the world. Although quiet by nature, Govinder allows his work to speak directly to you – and it does so to a wider and wider audience. He says of himself that he is naturally shy and finds it hard to articulate his thoughts in words. His true personality reveals itself in his paintings.


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