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This is a limited edition plate signed limited edition lithograph by famed American artist Norman Rockwell titled “Cousin Reginald Is Cut Out”.

Cousin Reginald Is Cut Out, this Norman Rockwell painting, appeared on the cover of The Country Gentleman published November 17, 1917

This lithograph was distributed by Waverly House in 1983 and is embossed with their chopmark.

This subject is numbered from a limited edition of 2500.

Paper measures 29″ x 25″. Image measures 23.5″ x 22″.

In excellent condition. Comes unframed. Comes with a gallery certificate of authenticity.

This piece retails at fine galleries for $300 and up. THIS IS THE BEST PRICE YOU WILL FIND ANYWHERE!

Norman Rockwell was raised in New York City, but loved painting the more simple life of the country. He created a city slicker, Cousin Reginald, who visited his country cousins and proceeded to show what a city boy he was. In the 19-teens, on Country Gentleman magazine covers (a sister publication to the Post), Reginald entertained true farm boys across the nation. We think he’ll entertain you, too.
In this installment, Norman Rockwell gives a peek into early twentieth century teen angst!

Here we find four of the main characters in the series in a scene most of us are familiar with. Some of us, too familiar.

Cousin Reginald Claude Fitzhugh, farthest away in the picture, is holding a spurned peppermint stick in his hand. On his face is a look of disgust and utter amazement. Reginald has been cut out.

Next is the pretty little girl who Reginald is obviously sweet on. She is gazing admiringly at the cutter.

The cutter is Reginald’s country Cousin Rusty. Rusty has put down his school books and is standing on his head, one of his many talents. Rusty has won the affections of the pretty little girl away from his rival and cousin.

The works of Norman Rockwell, a well-known 20th Century American painter and illustrator, enjoyed a broad popular appeal in the United States for their reflection of American culture. Rockwell is best known for his cover illustrations of every day life scenarios he created for The Saturday Evening Post for four decades.

He also created his work for the Boy Scouts of America, their publication Boy’s Life, calendars and other illustrations.


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