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This is a Amram Ebgi limited edition hand signed color embossed lithograph with foil stamping titled “YESHIVA IN JERUSALEM”.

This is Pencil Hand Signed by Amram Ebgi.

This piece is pencil numbered A/P as a rare artist proof.  Paper size: 20″ x 14″.

Comes with a gallery certificate of authenticity. Fully guaranteed authentic! In nice condition!

Ebgi is a craftsman and a master printer. He has been considered a visionary whose imagination combines the warmth of sensitive feelings with light and the complexities of life with subtle structure. He is an art technician who skillfully translates rare and delightful concepts onto paper with inks for all to see.

He received his formal training at the Avni Institute in Tel Aviv and the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York City. Ebgi has had many group and one-man shows around the world. The main thrust of Ebgi’s work is centered at the cradle of civilization, the Middle East and is influenced by Judaic lyricism and Biblical stories. Bear in mind that Jerusalem, the Holy City is the center of the three Sephardic religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The art of Amram Ebgi celebrates the great truths born of the ancient lands.

He is shown in 20 major museums, such as the Laguna Beach Museum and the Salt Lake City Art Center. He is a favorite at major universities such as Princeton, Yale, University of Alabama, Louisiana State University, Duke, UCLA, Indiana University and Vassar. His front page etchings appear in the Washington Post, Décor Magazine and the Miami Herald. His popularity has mushroomed since he came to the United States in 1969.



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