Byron Galvez ROJO Facsimile Signed Embossed Acrylograph


This is a acrylograph by Byron Galvez  titled “ROJO”.


This is a acrylograph by Byron Galvez  titled “ROJO”.

The image of this acrylograph is embossed which makes this piece extra striking!

This piece is facsimile signed by the artist which means it has a copy of the artist silver marker signature on it.  Paper measures: 18″ x 25″.  

Printed on high quality paper. Published by Fingerhut Group Publishers. 

Comes with a certificate. Bright and fresh with rich colors; never mounted, matted or framed.

Known as “the Picasso of Mexico”, Byron Galvez was one of the most fascinating artists of our time, creating modern masterpieces in a wide variety of mediums and environments. Indeed, “few artists in history have jumped from style to style, and from media to media and managed to master all of them. Lithography, oil/canvas, drawing, etching, bronze, stone, murals, stained glass, mosaic, landscape architectures, two dimensions or three: the breadth of Byron’s work is only matched by its depth.”

 Galvez had developed a stunning variation of the classic lithograph printing process, loosely based on the pioneering work of one of his inspirations, Mexican artist Rufino Tamayo.  Tamayo’s “mixographias” combined elements of the printing process with bold textures and “lost wax” plating techniques to produce artwork that was printed on paper, but also had depth and texture.  Over the last few decades, Galvez had taken this technique to a whole new level, with his development of the acrylograph.  It is an extremely labor-intensive process, with individual colors and textures each assigned to their very own plates. Ultimately forming layers upon layers of color and 3-D patterns.  It is the mastery of etching images and textures into these plates for an intricate transferal onto paper that has made Galvez one of the most talented and innovative artists of his generation. As a result of this process, each acrylograph is a hand-worked mixed-media masterpiece and no two are exactly alike.


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