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This is a limited edition hand signed giclee by Mandie Haywood titled “Tree-O Lemur.

Medium: Giclee on Paper [Signed and Numbered by the artist]. This piece is numbered from an edition size of 295.

Image measures 11.5″ x 22″. Comes with a certificate of authenticity from the publisher, Washington Green. Comes unframed. In excellent condition!

Bio by Mandie Haywood: I am fortunate to come from a very creative background, my father being a world-class musician and my mother a superb watercolour artist and teacher. My sister and I were always encouraged in the things we enjoyed doing, for me this meant pretty much most things throughout school years, though my strong subjects were always sport, English and especially music & the arts.

I have always had a great passion for wildlife even from the age of five I was writing and illustrating my first set of animal books, usually creating the character’s from plaster-cine and scraps of fabric. Later at the age of seven I adopted my first pet rabbit, which opened the floodgates for an ever-growing menagerie of birds and animals including my beloved dog Loopy whom has been the inspiration (and very patient model) for many years of paintings and picture books.

Throughout my teenage years I did a lot of sculpting and studied photography which has proved invaluable throughout, as I have had many commissioned photo shoots from private portraits to live concerts. After leaving school though, I began a career in portrait painting, which I continued for the next twelve years. During this time I met my partner, Steve who is a saxophonist and session musician and whom has been a tremendous help in every aspect of my work over the years.

More recently I have been concentrating on writing and illustrating my own books. I have always had a good imagination so it seemed a natural progression to move towards story and picture books. I have found this a great way to develop my painting skills too!



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